Wine & Design Toasts to its 10th Episode

Published May 15, 2020

Time stuck at home during quarantine has us all doing things a little differently – and for interior designers, it’s no exception. With clients all across the country and bars on travel, social interaction, or in-person meetings, many have quickly figured out how to shift their entire business to the web to continue crafting fabulous spaces for their clients.

But what about the rest of us, also stuck at home – and staring at the same walls day after day quickly realizing our busy schedules were the only thing keeping us from realizing our home’s dysfunction? From dilapidated bedrooms to perplexing patios – homeowners across the country have awoke to their design dilemmas and are searching for at-home answers. Thankfully, The Design Network has a solution.

Leah Ashley and celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

TDN’s all new LIVE series ‘Wine & Design’ unites real-life design problems with some of the world’s most prolific interior designers … and always paired with a glass of wine. Host Leah Ashley charms and delights audiences with her can-do attitude and rotating cast of designer guests and weekly beverages. Each episode a viewer-submitted ‘design dilemma’ is identified and workshopped for 30 minutes by the experts. Never before has the roadmap to a chic home been in the palm of your hand!

In this challenging time, TDN is committed to bringing you the content you love, free – and offering expert design consultations that would normally run a tab of thousands. Cheers to the tenth episode and hopefully a whole lot more where that came from.

Leah has wine’d with a star studded cast of guest designers.

All new episodes of Wine & Design air at 5pm Eastern on Instagram live, Wednesdays and Fridays @thedesignnetwork. The Design Network is streaming 24/7 free on The Roku Channel, Samsung TV+, Vizio SmartCast and Xumo.