Holistic Home: Breaking Down the Design

Published May 7, 2021

You’ve heard it before. With the hustle of jobs, family, and the pressures of life, it has never been important to make time and space to work on your well-being and mental health. What if your surroundings, including the spaces you work and live in, could contribute to that sense of well-being? 

The Design Network’s new original series, Holistic Home, focuses on creating spaces that can improve your overall wellness. Dynamic host, a former ballerina turned farmer Briana Bosch has become an expert on all of the lessons Mother Nature has to offer – and now is bringing the tips and tools to transform spaces from boring and cluttered to purposeful and zen.  

Jordan and Jeff recently purchased a sleek, modern home in a vibrant neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. They’ve put their signature stamp on nearly every room in the house, but have a haphazard gym space that has been completely neglected. The space currently serves as a forgotten dumping ground for exercise equipment and a treadmill desk where Jeff will often work, but the couple has dreams of it becoming a true gym, spa, and work hybrid where they can relax and unwind after hard days. Jordan works in the Emergency Room as a Physician and Jeff runs a company from home, yet with different and varying degrees of stress, each of them needs a space to recharge and prioritize their mental health.  

Briana gets to work on pulling the outside into this gym in as many ways as possible – one such way is by pulling color inspiration from the farm into the paint selection for this room. With the Datacolor ColorReader EZ, Briana pulls a gorgeous charcoal color measurement from a historic tractor on the farm property. With the EZ, Briana can read the color quickly, generate a perfect match and stay as accurate as possible without the fuss. The ColorReader EZ and its accompanying app direct Briana to Benjamin Moore’s color, Black Beauty, which she selects in a matte gloss for that sleek industrial gym look. 

Jordan and Jeff absolutely love their space! The Black Beauty shade helps to blend the gym equipment into the wall and provide a focal point for the room. Briana incorporates greenery to help oxygenate the space and improve air quality. A cozy meditation corner softens the space and provides a secondary use area for meditating and journaling. With Briana’s help, now Jordan and Jeff have a place to unwind, reenergize, and make mental and physical health a priority in their life and home. 

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