Get Ready to Get Sleighed!

Published November 5, 2020

Ho-ho-hold onto your glue guns and get ready for a crafting competition like no other. The Design Network and Michaels Craft Stores have partnered to create a first ever makers showdown. Twinkly lights are going up and it’s all going down on Sleighed!

Each episode takes you inside our winter wonderland arena, where creative contestants will compete in a series of holiday challenges to win a Michaels’ shopping spree…and eternal festive bragging rights!

Host Sharzad Kiadeh and an amazing panel of expert judges figure out who will come out on top and who will get Sleighed. Each episode tackles a holiday season staple from trimming the tree to decorating cookies with the family. There will be glitter, tinsel, and whole lot of holiday cheer! 

Taking advantage of baskets overflowing with crafting supplies and mountains of incredible items from the Michaels product wall, contestants will have to step out of their comfort zones to make Christmas magic happen! There may even be a holiday curveball or two!

From left to right: Sharzad Kiadeh, Jennifer Beesley, & Dan Gasby

Don’t miss this festive, fun, and unforgettable holiday series streaming everywhere on TDN. Grab some hot chocolate, your favorite holiday sweater, and watch all new episodes of Sleighed, Thursdays at 9/8c only on The Design Network.