“Make It” This Holiday: 5 Tips for Stunning DIY Holiday Decor

Published December 6, 2021

Can’t buy it? Make it. That’s the mantra of Brandie, Ryan, and Shannon – hosts of TDN’s newest holiday series Home Made for the Holidays. With the help of Michaels and a little Christmas magic, these sisters are making their way into jaw-dropping holiday scapes for five lucky families. Along the way, they’ll bust the myth that everything you need to decorate can be found pre-made in a store – and instead, they’re embracing how to channel your creativity to home make instead. Here are five tips for making the holidays your own.

1: Cluster Your Ornaments

Large, voluminous ornaments can look dazzling on a tree but they’re often expensive. When decorating on a budget, consider a trick that drives maximum impact with small ornaments vs. buying brand new large ones. In the Holiday Spice episode, Ryan demonstrates how clustering several small ornaments together on the same floral wire can create visual impact and volume without breaking the bank.

2: Repurpose Faux Plants

Picks are a fantastic way to add texture and dimension to your tree – and they come in all shapes and sizes. Another way to make your own picks from an unused or worn-out faux plant is to deconstruct it and use it instead as picks for your tree. In the Classic Christmas episode, a poinsettia is repurposed into picks for the tree, to become visual pops of deep red against the evergreen balms. If your poinsettia is really worn out, you can even add wisps of white paint or spray glitter to create a faux-snow effect that hides imperfections and gives your faux plant a whole new life.

3: Go Custom with Gift Wrapping

Shouldn’t the experience of opening a gift begin with the box itself? The sisters bring the Elizarraraz family in for some Holiday Magic to put a craft-forward spin on gifting. By creating custom tags, original ribbon design, and using paint, glitter, and more – the gift-giving process becomes even more special. Bonus! Custom-wrapped gifts can add a decorative pop to your tree or room to take your décor one step further. When you take into consideration the person you’re gifting for, and make their style, preferences, and maybe even the initials of their name a part of the experience, gift-wrapping can become as unique as the gift itself.

4: Create a Second Focal Point

Who says it needs to be all about the tree? Consider expanding your major décor-scape moments into other areas of the room, creating visual interest for your guests everywhere they turn. Shannon demonstrates in the Peace on Earth episode that mixing and matching garland can turn a simple strand of evergreen into something that feels elevated and custom. Treat garland like you would treat your tree, and don’t be afraid to make it your own by adding ornaments, picks, tinsel, or ribbon that correspond to the color palette and build upon your décor story. By doing this, you can expand on the theme of your room and create a stunning second focal point.

5: Wrap It Up in a Bow

Once you find the perfect ribbon that complements your décor theme, find as many ways to use it as you can. The store might not offer a big, pre-made bow in your exact ribbon choice, so grab the floral wire and a pair of scissors, and make one yourself! In the Peppermint Lane theme, teal and white candy cane ribbon are used as a connector fabric throughout the space, and Shannon creates both large and small DIY bows from spools of ribbon that make this space pop. With that same ribbon, consider adding to wrapped gifts, tying onto the garland, or incorporating in your tree topper to create a super cohesive look.

Making aspects of your holiday decor is not only fun and original, but it provides an occasion for creating new memories as a family. The holidays are yours for the making! Be sure to check out new episodes of Home Made for the Holidays, brought to you by Michaels, airing every Friday night of the Holiday Season. Celebrate home in a special way this holiday, only on The Design Network!