3 Holiday Tips for First-Time Homeowners

Published November 24, 2021

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From coastal cities to midwestern suburbs, US homeownership is at an all-time high. As millions of first-timers grab hold of the keys to new homes and settle into fresh spaces, the holiday season provides the perfect occasion to welcome family and friends.

Alongside abounding joy, inaugural holiday hosting can also stir up a whirlwind of pressures and emotions for these first-timers. In a social media age of curated decor and picture-perfect plating, when it comes to creating a cozy home this holiday season, where can these new homeowners start?

This season, Ashley Home Store has partnered up with The Design Network to take the mystery and intimidation factor out of hosting seasonal gatherings, and now, we’re sharing three holiday tips that will wow your holiday guests and set you up for home decorating success.

Tip Number 1
The Three F’s: Festive, Form and Function

When selecting pieces for a new space, consider décor that can adapt and change to different environments and seasons while also providing comfort and practicality. Newlywed couple Chris and Lani’s leather sectional is the statement in the room – and it’s big enough to stretch out for a nap or seat several people. A neutral brown provides the perfect backdrop for festive pillows or a seasonal throw, but can easily be toned down for off-seasons. A modern classic TV stand serves up holiday movies but also comes with tons of great storage for tucking things out of sight. With a touch of greenery around the gorgeous candle centerpiece on the kitchen table, Chris and Lani’s dining area is instantly transformed into a festive destination perfect for guests. When form, function, and a festive touch are working in harmony – you can’t go wrong with holiday spaces.


Tip Number 2
Tackle Open Concepts Through Zoning

Open-concept homes are hugely popular and have helped to shape how we live and entertain today. An open concept home can create a stunning look but also caters perfectly to hosting a large group. When tackling an open concept space, it’s important to keep zones in mind. Consider clustering furniture into spaces where different activities will happen – starting with what you like to do. New Nashville homeowners Caroline and Brendan Fulmer have a gorgeous newly minted space to tackle that’s completely open with tons of light. For Brendan, having a central zone for movies and football was the starting point for this large undefined space. With a dedicated dining nook by the window, the Fulmers can devote a spot to intentional eating and quality time while the high-top island is the perfect place for holiday appetizers and congregating. Finally, this couple spends a lot of time nose-in-books, so creating a cozy reading nook was a must. Zoning a large space can help to make spaces feel cozier and more lived in – the perfect feeling for the holidays at home.  


Tip Number 3
Let Holiday Decor Spread Throughout Your Home

Festive garland and holiday accents don’t just need to be limited to the tree, or even to one central area of the home. Consider including seasonal touches in the places where you spend the most time – like a home office or kitchen, to reinforce the feeling of the season throughout different areas of the home. Nashville transplants Molly and Shanna work almost entirely from home, so they’re spending a ton of time in their dedicated home office. While the Christmas tree and traditional decor live downstairs, they’ve outfitted the office with pops of garland, a hot cocoa bar, and some festive pillows to brighten the space and carry the holiday feelings with them upstairs where they spend most of their time during the week.


However the holidays look for you this year, don’t let the fear of hosting and decorating stand in the way of making treasured holiday memories! With the help of Ashley Home Store and a few simple seasonal tips, you’ll be on your way to a First Home Holiday to remember.

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