How to Hunt for Animal Print with Ariene Bethea

Published December 27, 2019

Animal print always has a way of remaining on-trend when it comes to fashion and decor, which is why it’s the perfect pop of interest to add to your space. When it comes to finding the right printed piece for your home, no one knows the search better than vintage huntress, Ariene Bethea.

Ariene shares her pro tips for finding the best faux and authentic decor to elevate your space.

Where are your go-to places for shopping animal print decor?

The first place I shop for animal print decor is vintage stores.  You can find everything from hides to pillows. Animal print is popular again but it never really went out of style.  You can now find it in big box stores.  

The faux fur vs. real fur debate

The first and obvious difference between the two is cost, real fur is much more expensive than faux fur.  Using faux fur is also a great alternative because it means no animal sacrifice.

How do you confirm an animal fur piece is authentic?

If you thumb through the fur you will either see webbing (faux) or skin (real).  

Are there tips for maintaining animal print pieces made from real fur?  

Keep the pieces away from moisture and make sure to have them professionally cleaned.

How do you determine the quality of faux fur decor?

Check the look and feel of the faux fur to check if it’s soft and unknotted.  

Ariene’s favorite print?

I love the tiger print because it’s bold and graphic.

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