Carley Summers’ Quiet Corner Essentials

Published January 3, 2020

When ringing in a new year we often overload ourselves with resolutions and strict regimens that can be hard to live up to. Adding a self-care routine to your list might not only be a resolution you can stick with, but it just might make the rest of your to-do list easier too.

Interior stylist Carley Summers shares her tips for carving out some time (and some SPACE) for yourself.

What are the key thing to consider when creating your quiet corner?

  • Simplicity is a key element to consider when putting together a quiet corner for yourself. The simpler the space is, the harder it becomes for distractions to follow you when you need times of mental rest. 

  • Beauty and warmth are both something I have incorporated as a key thing in my quiet corner. They hold so much value in regards to calming and restoring the body and mind. The way our body reacts to beautiful things, such as a fresh arrangement of flowers or nature, can ease the body in times of stress while also creating a happy moment. This moment of focused peace can lead to a negative moment or thought to turn positive.  In addition to beauty, adding warmth, maybe through the use of a lamp with a shade, can be softer on the mind and the eyes. The light from a shade is soft, instead of harsh.

  • If it feels calming to the body, sparks joy, or brings a sense of positive peace to the mind, it’s the right thing to include in your space. There is no right or wrong when it comes to building your quiet corner because it’s yours. 

  • Refrain from making your quiet corner too busy, so you don’t get distracted. If it has distracting, or lots of busy details, I would say you should stay away from placing it in your quiet corner. 

Where is your favorite quiet corner in your home?

  • My chaise lounge is definitely my favorite quiet corner in my home. When I chose to put the lounge there, it was because I wanted a place where I could fully relax and unwind. I love it because it’s extremely comfy, and there’s pretty light that often plays through the window behind me. I also have a view of one of my favorite angles in my home when I sit there. I love being next to my fireplace because though it’s a central point in my home, I can easily close it off, which puts my mind at ease when I am feeling overwhelmed. When I sit down in my quiet corner, it’s a place where I find peace and can connect with God. 

What are your 3 quiet corner essentials?

  • 1. Adding an element of beauty. I have a side table that always has fresh flowers, which can immediately put me in a better mood when I stop and stare at their beautiful details. I also look for a window that has pretty light shining through. I love good lighting, and I feel it serves a purpose outside of just images and social media. Pretty lighting, as well as floral arrangments, can really help to ease the mind in chaotic moments because it allows the mind to focus on something positive.

  • 2. A good view. For me, a good view comes from the favorite angles of my home, which can immediately put me at ease.  

  • 3. A cozy resting place. Rest is so important to the body, we often don’t give our bodies enough time throughout the day to rest and restore. Having a quiet corner with something plush and cozy to sit down on, or lay back into, can instantly make our busy and worked bodies feel better.

How do you ensure you use your quiet corner routinely?

  • I don’t associate work with my quiet corner, it is a space solely used for restoration and rejuvenation away from my busy schedule. So, when I need an escape from work-related stress, I find refuge in knowing my work won’t follow me into my quiet corner, which inevitably makes me want to utilize it routinely. 

  • In the morning, I love to sit in my corner and drink a cup of coffee, which allows me to have a moment of stillness before my day starts.

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