Holistic Home: Breaking Down The Design

Published May 27, 2021

It’s often said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Large or small, the kitchen is more than a place for cooking but also a place for gathering. New parents Nate and Emily purchased a home several months ago that was straight out of the early 1980’s. Room by room, they have been slowly modernizing every nook and cranny of the home, inspired by Emily’s gorgeous personal style that is light and airy. However, the heart of this home – the kitchen, remains dark and dated, cutting off the flow of the home and remains an eyesore for all who enter. In this season finale of Holistic Home, Briana employs nature to help Nate and Emily take their kitchen from a dark, gloomy space to a light and cohesive room the whole family can enjoy! 

Though Nate and Emily have uprooted a lot of the 80’s styling in their home since moving in, the kitchen is where they’ve gotten stuck. With a young toddler and busy schedules, it hasn’t been a top priority and what’s more- figuring out how to tackle it is a head scratcher. Because of the layout of the home, you see the kitchen from every angle, so it needs to flow with the rest of the space but maintain its own identity. Further, given that the home is largely white, Emily hopes to implement color but not in a way that throws off the home’s new look. 

Briana suggests a more modern and cohesive feel for this kitchen by painting the cabinets and lightening up the backsplash. To help find the perfect color for their cabinets inspired by the farm, Briana pulls a color using the Datacolor ColorReader EZ. A eucalyptus plant from her flower farm provides the soft green color Briana is looking for to bring into Emily’s kitchen. By placing the ColorReader flat on top of the eucalyptus, Briana lands on Benjamin Moore color, Camouflage. This pale and natural shade of green brings the outdoors and the farm in for a modern and organic kitchen space. 

This kitchen revamp is incredible! Emily and Nate are thrilled with the new color on the cabinets pulled directly from the farm using the ColorReader EZ. With new cabinet pulls, a lighter backsplash, gorgeous new lighting pendants & chandelier plus a stunning table from Phillips Collection, the space is entirely transformed. Nate and Emily will enjoy this space for years and years to come. 

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