Holistic Home: Breaking Down The Design

Published May 19, 2021

When it comes to hanging out with friends, it’s always more fun when you have a great space for entertaining. In this episode of Holistic Home, Briana tackles a neglected cave-like basement for her dear friends and neighbors Adam & Coral Acree.

Right now this space feels dark and uninviting to the Acrees who love to have friends over and wish to have an adult hang out space where they can all congregate. Their basement has become an area of stress instead of a place where they can relax and enjoy time with company. Dated light fixtures and a large, moveable bar that they don’t really use makes the space feel cluttered and unusable.

Briana’s first step in updating the Acree basement is to use the Datacolor ColorReader EZ. She doesn’t want the room to feel so stark with white walls under the fluorescent lighting. Using the EZ, Briana pulls the Benjamin Moore color, Revere Pewter from her barnwood table to create a warmer more inviting space. 

For the fireplace, which has been an eyesore for the Acrees, Briana wanted to select a color that will pop off the walls and create a stunning feature in the room. The ColorReader EZ has a great function that helps to pull contrast colors that will easily go with your wall color. The EZ gave Briana the Benjamin Moore color, Soot to create some drama and transform their fireplace. 

Adam & Coral are overwhelmed by the change to their space! What once was a cold, dark room in their house, has now become a fun hangout where the Acrees can have their friends over for cocktails and games. With updated light fixtures, the paint pulled from the ColorReader EZ, and some new furniture, the basement now feels welcoming and open. 

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