Choosing the Right Plants for Your Space

Published September 28, 2022

In Episode 1 of our latest season of Dream Room in a Day, Philip or Flop gives the Eckerson family’s sunroom a much-needed transformation in only 24 hours. This room is filled with light in every corner, so Phillip wanted to enhance its natural, organic ambience by adding plants. Finding plants that will thrive in your home is not just about choosing the prettiest ones: the amount of sunlight coming in, the desired frequency of upkeep, and your lifestyle are all factors to consider when choosing the perfect plants for your space.

Taking care of plants can feel like a full-time job. Phillip made sure that Aubrey Eckerson was fully equipped to help these plants thrive in their new home through the Planta app. Whether you’re a beginner with plants or an advanced plant connoisseur with dozens of plants in your space, Planta will simplify the process at every level. Now, you can turn your thumb from brown to green with just a few taps on your smartphone.

Planta’s core product is the Smart Care Schedule. This dynamic feature individually adapts to each plant’s unique care preferences. All you have to do is add each plant, and Planta will send you reminders of when to water, fertilize, or repot each of your plants. Other features include the plant identification tool, the ‘Dr. Planta’ scanner that helps heal sick plants, and the Light Meter that helps you find the perfect home for your plant. What more could you need to become a plant pro?

A key feature that Phillip used when designing the layout of the sunroom was the Light Meter. By holding up your camera to the desired area for a plant, the app analyzes the exact amount of light that reaches your space. From there, it recommends the plant that would thrive the most in that area of your room. The Eckersons recently welcomed a new puppy to the family, so Planta recommended non-toxic and pet-safe plants so that every living thing would thrive in their new space.