We’re Making ‘Red, White, and Blue’ Chic. Here’s how.

Published July 3, 2020

Independence Day rings in classic colors of red, white, and blue – pinwheels in the yard, strawberry shortcake in the kitchen, and tri-colored popsicles on the beach. When the firework show is over and the decorations are stored away, how can you incorporate patriotic colors into home design? 

Red. Roses are red. . . but what else? Vibrant red can be intimidating. Without overpowering your space, little beats of this fiery color can give your room flair year-round. Try organizing your bookshelf monochromatically, like Nina Freudenberger shows in The Curated Shelf. Spice up your next backyard BBQ with leftover red decorations. Sara Lynn recommends using frozen water balloons in your drink cooler, or red cupcake liners on straws to shade your drink and mark your cup.  

White. White is a great base color but can be so much more! This shade gives a fresh feel to any room. Flowers are one of the easiest ways to breathe life into your space. “You can’t go wrong with white hydrangeas,” Caroline Harper Knapp explains.  On your next grocery or farmer’s market run, pick up a seasonal bouquet to enhance your kitchen, bathroom, or porch. If you have some extra time (and extra hands) painting cabinets white can go a long way and totally revamp your space. 

Blue. Blue is a universally loved hue. Go bold with touches of cobalt blue or go neutral with subtle hints of powder blue. Check out this barely blue headboard Anne Marie chose to tie together an airy beach house bedroom. Blend together subtle and statement blue by using multiple shades of this delightful color for an artful touch in your space. 

Vintage. Another way to incorporate that ‘USA’ feel into your home is to accentuate with vintage items. According to Leah Ashley, “Vintage is a great way to let your personality shine and showcase your unique tastes.” Reimagine decades-old lamps, paintings, chairs, and dressers to give your space a reclaimed revamp. For more tips and tricks on all things vintage, check out Leah’s series, Vintage Style / Modern Life

These simple tips and tricks extend the life of your holiday decorations and elevate your home all year. Happy Fourth!