The Art of Creating Art

Published October 16, 2020

We see artwork in homes, murals in businesses, and canvases lining our local museums – art is everywhere. But what does it take to create a piece of commissioned artwork? What does it take to become an artist in today’s world? The Design Network and Michaels Craft Stores have teamed up to bring you the second season of Commissioned – taking you behind the art and the incredible hands that create it.  

Each episode of Commissioned dives deep inside the lives and processes of five different artists, each known for a different medium. This season, the focus is on artists who hail from all corners of North Carolina – from big cities to small towns. Meet the faces behind the canvas! 

Lauren Yates is an illustrator and graphic artist from Wilmington, NC. She found her calling after creating a jewelry business and teaching herself how to create her own graphics and marketing. Watch Lauren use her Sharpie paint pens and Artist’s Loft acrylic paint to create a mixed media piece for a local restaurant owner who is passionate about his community.  

Lauren Yates – @aretegraphix

William Paul Thomas is a painter who has a passion for people! Using his Gamblin 1980 oil paints, William can send a strong message and tells a unique story through the faces he paints. He says “I make the kind of art I make because I think it’s vital to recognize the unique beauty of everyday people and our experiences.”  

William Paul Thomas – @willart4food

Monique Cleveland is an acrylic painter and teacher who likes to share her messages of female empowerment through the art she creates. Her family has provided a lot of encouragement and support on her artistic journey which has allowed her to truly explore her talent. Working on a commission for her cousin and her husband, Monique will use her Artist’s Loft acrylic paints to step out of her comfort zone and create something amazing!  

Monique Cleveland – @sugahacrylics

Amanda Moody is a resin pour artist from Charlotte, NC. She likes to spend her time creating colorful pieces of fluid artwork that speaks to everyone who views it. Amanda says “my paintings are dynamic and full of movement, color and dimension, but they can be calming and meditative for those who experience them.” Using some Envirotex resin, watch as Amanda tackles a piece for a client on an interesting and new type of canvas.  

Amanda Moody – @bombshelves

In the last episode of the second season, meet J Massulo – a muralist and teacher from Raleigh, NC. Tackling a large mural for a local beverage company, J – along with his Montana spray paint will use his blending skills to create a detailed and completely jaw-dropping piece of art.  

J Massullo – @j_massullo

Be sure to check out Commissioned Saturdays at 8/7c for paint, canvas, sprays and more! You won’t want to miss a single stroke.