TDN Goes Deeper with Groundbreaking Series on Addiction

Published March 11, 2021

The Design Network celebrated the global premiere of Rehabbed on Tuesday, March 9th, a brand new series that dives deeper than ever before into the powerful storytelling that has become TDN’s hallmark. Each episode of Rehabbed tells the story of rehabbing homes and rehabbing lives, focusing on one individual who is in recovery from the disease of addiction. It’s a story of hope and authenticity, redefining the standard for shows in the home & lifestyle vertical.

Nested in the charming beach-side town of Wilmington, North Carolina is Of the Essence Designs, founded by Shannon and Tara Gilmore – who are both in long-term recovery and have spent over a decade empowering other struggling individuals to get help, find hope, and create a better life.

“We had the incredible fortune of working with OTE during another production last summer,” added TDN’s Founder Jason Harris. “Shannon and Tara shared their story with us and we knew instantly that if we could capture and share their story, it could make a difference in people’s lives and help provide hope in situations that seem hopeless.”

In trade industries like paint and construction, drugs and alcohol are often the dark sides of the labor force in these niche jobs. Working long hours in tough conditions, these trade businesses are some of the hardest-hit subgroups of our country’s gripping struggle with addiction. For individuals who’ve abandoned old ways and set their lives on the road to recovery – it can be hard to find suitable work that allows them to exercise a skill, stay clean, and earn a good living.

Making the decision to pursue a different kind of life is only the first step. If individuals have a criminal record, many won’t pass a background check. If they can’t pass a background check, it will be difficult to find housing, establish good credit, and many will be resigned to work without meaning and true career opportunity.

Of the Essence owners, Tara and Shannon saw an opportunity years ago to do something to change this situation for as many individuals as they could. With their combined decades of sobriety, they are now married business partners who are committed to keeping struggling individuals healthy, employed, and off the streets. This is how Of The Essence Designs crew was born – one by one, as Shannon and Tara identified and celebrated each person’s unique potential and empowered them to pursue a better way. It’s a one-of-a-kind, uplifting community of talented craftsmen, with incredible skills and proven results creating stunning spaces and homes. Each episode of Rehabbed is a story of redemption and hope.

“For many individuals, the past year spent at home has been a challenging time,” said Katlyn Wilson, TDN’s President. “With cases related to mental health on the rise all across the country, it felt like the right time to put a story of hope and positivity into the TDN stream- even if it meant pushing the boundaries of our network.”

Rehabbed is a celebration of healthful life and the power of community. It airs Tuesdays at 9/8 central on The Design Network.

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