Show Dad Some Love – Father’s Day at Home

Published June 19, 2020

Father’s Day might look a little different this year for you and your family. Maybe you’ve spent every waking minute with your father since March. Perhaps extended family can’t come to town, or you can’t get a reservation at your favorite brunch spot. Worst of all, you’re now frantically browsing Amazon Prime for a gift you can two-day ship. The good news – Father’s Day can still be special at home. Here’s how. 

Even though typical Father’s Day activities may be modified from big family outing to backyard stay-inning, quality time with fathers can still be special at home. Consider trying a new recipe you know your old man would love. With weather warming up, play a game of kickball in the yard (and make t-shirts for each team). For the simpler kind, you’d be surprised at the magic of a fresh deck of cards around the table, or a nostalgic movie the whole family will enjoy. 

With dozens of series tackling topics from DIY to decorating, The Design Network has got you covered this Father’s Day. We’ve curated an exclusive two-day marathon on The Roku Channel with some of our favorite dad-approved shows that all will enjoy. Sit back and let TDN work some Father’s Day magic, with features in the Weekend Marathon including: 

“Dads by Design”: From mancaves to power tools, from family men to fathers-to-be, we’re featuring the spaces, the faces, and the projects that celebrate dad! Featuring some of our favorite TDN design dads, including Bob Novogratz and Chris Wiegand. 

“The Macho Mashup”: It’s time to set up the tablesaw, organize the garage, and tour some really cool bachelor pads as home design gets “macho.” Spark your dad’s DIY side with these follow along, creative videos designed with men in mind.  

Pick your chin up and give dad a hug (or a socially distant wave) and remember how special time at home can be for the whole family this weekend, especially for fathers. Get inspired and tune into the Father’s Day Marathon on TDN’s Roku Channel to satisfy your cravings for a custom curated dad-forward run of shows. TDN is committed to helping you make this Father’s Day Weekend the best one yet!