How to Personalize Your Christmas Party with Liz Carroll

Published December 12, 2019

Wilmington, NC based boutique interior designer Liz Carroll is known for her love of all things entertaining, but Christmas time takes the hosting details to another level.

“Christmas parties have a special feeling to them…extra lights, extra sparkle, extra care into all the details,” she says.

Liz shares simple and thoughtful ideas for personalizing your Christmas parties and turning up the holiday magic at each of your gatherings.

Memorable Gifts

It is always fun to give something that can be brought out during the holidays for memories like a Christmas ornament.  Most of the ornaments on our tree are a collection of special gifts and memories.

A Personalized Place Setting

Names cards are one of my favorite ways to ensure everyone feels special and has a place to sit.  Keep a gold paint pen on hand and write on a magnolia leaf, a pomegranate fruit or holiday letterpress name card.

The Kids Table

 Allow the kids to decorate their place cards using markers, crayons, and stickers.  Themed drinks or desserts for the kids is also a fun way to make the holiday special…snowman hot chocolate and ornament cookies are some of my favorites.

Embrace the Theme

Greenery, lights and music. More is more during the holidays! I also always have a Frasier fir candle burning throughout the holidays. It’s my favorite holiday scent. I have a Christmas playlist I have been adding to for years and love to put it on shuffle the whole month of December.

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