Celebrity House Sitting Unlocked

Published July 20, 2020

After months of working from home, sitting at the same dining room table, and drinking the same store-bought coffee day after day, it is easy to feel like your love for home inspiration has run dry. To ease some of that pain, TDN is bringing celebs, joy, and fabulosity back to your screen. After all, you’re not the only ones spending time at home – your favorite stars are doing it, too.

Now more than ever, we crave beautiful living in our own homes. What better way to get some inspiration than to step inside your favorite celebrity’s living space? Join Leah Taylor for a 10-episode marathon of TDN’s Celebrity House Sitting as she snoops, twerks, and dances her way though the high life in Celebrity Homes.

TDN’s Leah Taylor has the luxury of house-sitting for some of her closest friends in Atlanta, who just happen to be famous. If she can help them with their looks – she can help them with their homes (and keep it fabulous). “It’s like a never ending knock-knock joke with a luxury staycation attached!” says Leah.

Celebrity House Sitting will satisfy the home tour cravings you might not even realize you had. From George Wallace to Toya Wright, follow Leah as she gives us the inside scoop on how these celebs live, dine, and relax in the comfort of their own homes. In addition to our streaming channels, Celebrity House Sitting is now available to watch on IGTV and Facebook.