More Reveals Coming Your Way!

Published August 20, 2021

Get ready for some new stunning reveals! Venturing into multifamily properties in three brand new episodes of The Reveal, meet Angela Harris, CEO and Principal Designer at TRIO Design. Angela is going to walk you through the design process of three of her gorgeous and unique multifamily apartment communities located in Denver, CO. 

First up we have the beautiful Lowry! Acknowledging that these modern luxury apartments sit on the site of the old Lowry Air Force base, Angela decided to pay homage to that history throughout the building in her thoughtful details. The wellness aspects she incorporated and the moody/earthy tones create the perfect balance of intimate but yet functional. 

Moving on to the Dylan, Angela was able to really get creative and push boundaries when it came to the colors and playfulness of this property. What used to be the old DriveTrain building in Denver is now a fun and vibrant space that celebrates the community around it. From the artwork to the lighting, this property really is “a punch of personality” and creates intrigue throughout. 

Lastly, we take a tour through the Alexan Julian. Angela was very intentional with bringing out the old architecture and again, celebrating the history of the space. Doubling lighting as artwork installations and creating conversational areas, the simplicity of the design really complements the industrial architecture and creates those subtle nods to historic downtown Denver. 

From the fabulous fitness facilities to the historic references and details, you will surely be impressed with these beautiful properties! Catch the all-new episodes of The Reveal Fridays at 9/8c only on The Design Network!