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5 Tips for Perfecting Your Holiday Home Decor from Designer Anne-Marie Barton

For Salt Lake City-based designer Anne-Marie Barton, holiday decorating is about creating a space that conjures fond memories and sets the scene for new ones. “The holidays are the time to enjoy the magic,” she says. “Traditional holiday decor stirs memories and reminds your family that this is the most special time of the year.” […]

How to Hire an Interior Designer

There are lots of reasons to think about hiring an interior designer: Maybe you can’t seem to whittle down 300 shades of blue into the one that’s right for your space. Or you’ve got a looming kitchen renovation and no idea where to start. Or maybe your decor just feels like something is off.  Whatever your […]

How to Create Drama in a Room

The Emmys are around the corner, and if there’s one thing the esteemed awards show reminds us of each year, it’s that a little drama goes a long way … both on screen and off. Like must-see TV, a dramatic moment is one of the best ways to make a room both exciting and memorable. […]